High Altitude Elevation Simulation Workout Mask

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Push Past Your Physical Limits With SPARTHOS

Have you ever noticed how calm and relaxed the best endurance athletes look when they’re pacing themselves through a race? The ease with which they run 5:00 min/mile or cycle above 30 mph? Obviously they put in a ton of training time, which you probably can’t replicate, but they also use the latest sports technology to amp up their stamina… so why aren’t you?

Altitude training masks aren’t anything new. All types of athletes, professional and recreational, have been using them to take their training up a notch. From gym enthusiasts to runners, cyclists, and martial artists.

Therefore, if you want to experience substantial aerobic gains - and an edge over the competition - then you can start by investing in a resisted breathing device.

Simulate High Altitude Training & Experience The Benefits

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a mountainous town, it’s not at all practical to train at high altitude. Let alone to buy an expensive and inconvenient hypoxic tent.

That’s why elevation training masks have become so popular in recent years. They are an inexpensive way to increase your lung capacity (aka ventilatory capacity) no matter where you want to train; whether inside a gym or outside on the trails.

Not to mention, they also help your body utilize oxygen more efficiently. Meaning you’ll be able to breathe easier at speeds that previously felt difficult to maintain.

Of course, success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to show up and put the work in just like any other workout. So, if you’re committed to real results then get ready to level up.

How Sparthos affects your body

Oxygen Restriction

  • Lungs work harder and oxygenate more blood
  • More calories burned by working out at higher intensities

CO2 Tolerance

  • Hit exhaustion later with more stamina
  • Boost your tolerance for high-intensity activities

Mental Focus Growth

  • Thrive outside your comfort zone
  • Improve mental focus and toughness

Breathing Muscle Boost

  • Strengthen the diaphragm and other breathing muscles
  • Retrain your body to breathe correctly

6 Breathing Levels That Continue To Challenge Your Body

While most training masks look the same, one of the major problems with other models is the lack of adjustable breathing levels. Which leaves you feeling like you’re not getting enough of a workout or way more than you asked for.

With 6 different breathing levels, the Sparthos mask allows you to find just the right level of difficulty. Plus, you have the ability to adjust the airflow settings with one quick click without having to take the mask off and interrupt your workout.

No matter if you’re coming back from a recovery block or looking to boost your fitness to superhuman levels, there’s a resistance level perfect for you. Now that’s what we call personalized training.

Superior Mask

Slip-Resistant Design:When you’re in the middle of a workout the last thing you want to worry about is your mask falling off. Which is why we’ve intentionally designed our straps to hold steady at top speeds.

Restricts Inhaling & Exhaling:Unlike other masks, you not only get restricted inhaling but restricted exhaling as well. With one quick flip of the airflow valves, you can force your lungs to breath in AND out very powerfully.

Ergonomic Fit: While it’s unusual to wear anything over your mouth, we created this breathing mask to comfortably fit your face. Just choose from one of three sizes and start crushing it already.


Size S: Body weight up to 155lb or 70kg
Size S: Body weight 155lb to 220lb or 70kg to 100kg 
Size S: Body weight over 220lb or 100kg


Package Included:

FDBRO sports mask
1 Wrist Band
1 Protective case
1 Instruction

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