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The earliest piece of silk embroidered art was discovered in China and dates back over 2,500 years. Silk embroidery has been an art form used and perfected through the ages from Ancient China through present day. All of our embroideries are created in Suzhou, home of the most renown silk embroideries in the world, and use the finest materials and highest quality threads.


Our Embroidery features Suzhou or Su embroidery, which is one of the most complex forms of hand embroidery. Su embroidery painting, best known for its rich colors comparable to an oil painting and realism comparable to photography, is an art mastered by Chinese embroiderers in Suzhou, China. In this region of China, embroiderers create the most amazing masterpieces by hand using tiny silk threads. The first response people normally have when they see our silk embroidered pictures is that they don't believe they are hand embroidered.

To create a high quality piece, an artist needs to split a single silk thread into several thinner threads and embroider layer after layer with threads of a variety of colors to reach the final wonderful effect. One top quality silk embroidery work usually uses millions of silk threads of hundreds of different colors, taking more than one year to complete.


The quality, value, and aesthetics of silk embroidery all depend on craftsmanship and complexity. Our pieces average over 100,000 stitches with the largest number of stitches in a single piece exceeding 500,000. Many of our pieces utilize 1/4 Silk Thread, made from a single silk thread that is split into four thinner threads, allowing for more detail and a higher level of craftsmanship.


When you buy from Embroiderytique.com

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Since 2003, we have sold our silk embroideries to more than 30 countries and have many return customers who have been more than happy with the quality and value for money of our embroideries and the integrity of our service.

To assure you of the high quality of our silk embroideries and integrity of our studio, please take your time to read the recommendations of our silk embroideries from real customers. Below are just some recommendations we extracted.


"Pleased to advise you that the embroideries arrived this morning. My wife was thrilled with the cat and how nicely it was made and would like to pass grateful thanks on to the Lady who did such a wonderful job. Many thanks."- Don Allison From United States

"I received both embroideries, they are very pretty. I have displayed it in my office for people to see this fine work. Whenever I will have a party in our home I will make sure that people know where I got it from. Hopefully I can get you some orders..." - Whitney Clayton From United Kingdom

"We have received the embroidery. It is very beautiful and we are extremely satisfied... I will make a point of telling our friends about your quality workmanship. Thank you. "- Edward Douglas From United States

"I am writing to inform you that I have received the new embroidery piece. It looks better than he pictures you have shown me. Please convey to your artist that she/he did a great job on this one."- David Cleary From Australia

"Thank you very much! I received the package on Monday
September 24th. It looks beautiful. Thank you again for a great product and great service."- Betty Hall From Canada

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 "The embroideries arrived today, Wednesday 15 March 2006 at 12:30 GMT, and I am just delighted with them. They are just beautiful and I thank the embroiderer who made them, it has inspired me to continue to buy embroideries.I thank you for your excellent service and look forward to being a customer of long standing...Kind regards from a grateful client. " - George West From United Kingdom

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